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Dagobah Swamp

This project was a commission for a serious Star Wars fan. He specifically requested a theme related to the scene from The Empire Strikes Back in which Luke Skywalker travels to the Dagobah Swamp where he first encounters the Jedi master Yoda.

This was a particular challenge owing to the multiple locations in this scene.

In the end, I created a wide Shelf Nook​ designed to showcase the scenes which included Luke’s downed X-Wing fighter, Yoda’s hut, and the training ground where Luke, Yoda, and R2-D2 are present.

A multitude of swamp trees fills the space, creating the choking claustrophobia of this alien world. A wide array of special LED lights helped to set the mood, creating eerie background lighting for the swamp itself, as well as the various flashing lights present on Luke’s X-Wing as well as R2-D2.

A sound module, hidden at the back of the display, plays an atmospheric soundtrack of the swamp noise, straight from the actual film.

A final feature, which I was unable to include in the original build, will be added soon. I have acquired the mechanics to build a miniature fog machine, having already created a space in the model in anticipation of this addition. When operated, the fog will rise up through the roots of one of the trees and slowly dispersed across the swamp.

Medium = Book Nook/Shelf Nook

Scale = 1:84 (1 inch = 7 feet)

Size = 19in. wide x 13in. high x 7in. deep

Material = Cardboard; Copper Wire & Hot Glue (trees); Sculpting Paste; 3D Resin Prints; Multiple LED lights; Dried moss

The making of the Dagobah Swamp Book Nook

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