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Heritage Lofts

After two long years enduring a global pandemic, I decided to embark upon a personal project in an effort to spread a bit of joy among the residents of the building in which I reside — The Heritage Lofts.

I replicated the front half of the structure in the form of a 180° (flat back) diorama. 

Because of the time of year, I decided upon a Christmas theme so, after completing the structure itself, I created a front yard and sidewalk attachment which would serve as the landing pad for Santa and his reindeer.


The snow was a simple recipe of baking soda and mod podge sealant, careful sprinkled around the handmade scale model, as well as across the top of the structure in order to achieve the most realistic effect possible.

Then, a variety of 3D figures were prepared, including Jolly old St. Nick, his eight trusty reindeer, and a mud squad of helpful elves. The sleigh and costumes were painted a somewhat less traditional colour scheme more reminiscent of the Victorian age.

Medium = 180° Diorama

Scale = 1:70 (1 inch = 5 feet 9 inches)

Size = 19in. wide x 13in. high x 7in. deep

Material = Cardboard; Chipboard; Natural twigs; 3D Resin Prints; Multiple LED light strings

The making of the
Heritage Lofts Diorama

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