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The White Rabbit

I received this commission as a direct result of having created the Chanel 1921 Book Nook.


The client requested a book nook centred around the theme of The White Rabbit restaurant in Moscow. It was to be a gift for her son who had visited the world famous restaurant during the previous year.

At the time, The White Rabbit was ranked as the 13th best restaurant in the world. Its cuisine was matched only by the ambience of the unique architecture — with a spectacular 360-degree view of Moscow from its 16th-floor dining room.

“The main dining room sits under a domed glass roof and features turquoise, yellow and red velvet sofas and cosy curved booths. Guests get their first taste of the Alice in Wonderland theme when they enter the elevator, which is painted to look like the doors to a mysterious room.”


— The World’s 50 Best Restaurants

Medium = Book Nook

Scale = 1:144 (1 inch = 12 feet)

Size = 8in. wide x 9in. high x 13in. deep

Material = MDF; Polystyrene; Paperboard; 3D Resin Prints; Multiple LED lighting components

The making of the White Rabbit Book Nook

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