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Mad Scientist’s Lab

Book Nook




23" x 19" x 15"

584.2 cm x 482.6 cm x 381 cm

Construction Period:

JAN 2022 — MAR 2022


Cardboard; Chipboard; 3D Resin Prints; Found Objects; Multi-strand LED string lighting

My third project was a submission for a book nook contest. The theme was The Mad Scientist’s Lab and with only a few months in which to complete the project, I maximized my efforts by relying on found objects and some accelerated building methods. The end result was a very satisfying second-place finish.

In the context of a contest, I was able to experiment and expand my knowledge base by trying techniques I had not yet employed; something I considered too risky when in the middle of a deadline-driven client project.

Further, I challenged myself to use as little new material as possible, relying instead on found objects which I could repurpose into new materials. My recycle bin became one of my primary resources.

Mad Scientist’s Lab


Creation Video

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